Monday, December 12, 2011

We Were Going To Practice, But We Took Naps Instead

My neighbor in the 36º temps. Nipply.
Sunday afternoon, we got all the dudes in the band together. We were going to practice, but we took naps instead. It was a long week of being unemployed. You get so tired when you have nothing to do. But, we're going to make an attempt to practice some time before Christmas. We don't want to overdo it. Rust is becoming to us. Can't shake it all off.

The guy in the picture is actually my next door neighbor. What's weird is that it was 36º the other day and we thought he was frozen solid. But his nipples were as hard as diamonds, so we used him to cut some glass for a window Jimmie wants to put in his closet.

Why he's putting a window in his closet, we're not quite sure. The frozen guy said he would help until his nipples warmed up. But he's been a bit unreliable lately. He had a problem with the police.

It seems he likes to run around the house naked. When he wouldn't take it inside, the cops finally arrested him. But he used one of his frozen nipples to cut through the bars in the jail and he was on the street in forty minutes.

I hope you're finally taking down your Halloween decorations like we are. Those candy corn, though, they get really, really hard. Almost like diamonds.

Well, we were going to practice, but we took naps instead. CYA....


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