Thursday, November 10, 2011

Roger And The Imaginary Dudes Wants Our Twitter Account Back

There ain't no phone support at Twitter. Total BS.
This is pure crap. We opened a Roger And the Imaginary Dudes Twitter account @imaginarydudes - the name was perfect because it had something to do with us... we were just getting started tweeting and we got out a whole 24 tweets and Twitter suspended the account. This is bullshit! Roger And The Imaginary Dudes want our Twitter account back.

After the first account got blown up, we made a secondary account @RogersDudes - and that only got out 9 tweets before it was blown up - suspended by Twitter.

What I don't get is how all these porn peddlers with nothing but crap to push get away with it.

I have no idea why Twitter suspended these two accounts. We did everything right, we had a unique email, a name, a blog site, we didn't mass follow or unfollow people. Hell, the account was only up for a couple HOURS. But, BAM - we were zapped.

I think it had something to do with a stealth account. But speculation will only mess with your buzz. And dudes, that ain't good.

We just want to have a platform to send our message out to the world. And we don't want to have a Twitter account that is @BarrysWidgets. We want @imaginarydudes back. It's us. Sounds like us. Smells like us. It IS us.

We're under appeal. But that can take days. We'll see what happens.

There are so many spammers out there, why in the world did WE get blasted? I think the reasons are really fishy. Roger And The Imaginary Dudes wants our Twitter account back, and we will fight to be tweeting like the rest of the world soon.



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