Monday, November 14, 2011

First Real Dance Number From Roger And The Imaginary Dudes

Club Love, first dance number from the Dudes.
Since we don't own a box, our music can move from genre to genre. We've been primarily in the rock lock and we've been pretty proud that you really can't dance to any of our previous music. But, in this day and age, you have to go where the money is and right now, club mixes are the rage. We'll spew a few of those until we get tired. Club Love is the first dance number from Roger And The Imaginary Dudes.

We broke out of our mold and are looking attract new fans, really any fans would do. We're not real picky who likes us. We just want people to go nuts when they hear our songs and get therapy afterwards.

Club Love incorporated standard club beats, but we throw in a little Latin influences and a little guitar. Hey, we're not pure club guys yet. But, we see an opportunity to make these mixes and we're going for it.

Call us sell-outs... we don't give a crap. We're proud of our first dance number from Roger And The Imaginary Dudes.

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