Thursday, November 3, 2011

2nd Twitter Account Suspended After 13 Tweets

Twitter ain't right, dude. We gotta talk. 
Dude, this is getting repetitious. Twitter suspended a SECOND account, and, dude, we only made 13 tweets. Yes. A 2nd Twitter account was suspended after 13 tweets. Seriously. We made 13 tweets on our second account and Twitter suspended it. Dude? Don't get it.

But I think there is something to this. Seriously. And it ain't good.
The first time it happened, it was right after following and replying to @PariMilansWorld on Twitter. So, dude, we can't wait, we need to get our message out to the world or at least the 11 people following us on Twitter. So, we opened a new account @RogersDudes and right away @PariMilansWorld asked us to follow her. When we did, the same reply we sent to her on @ImaginaryDudes came up. Dude, is that freakin' weird? We didn't even tweet to that broad. And then that tweet shows up. I think she has a virus or some shit you gotta take shots for. STAY AWAY from that ho.

So, we're living without Twitter until our suspensions are appealed. You can't even tweet without going to court these days. Dude, it ain't right.

I can't believe a 2nd Twitter account was suspended after 13 tweets. Dude, the next thing that will happen is we'll get suspended during the setup.



  1. That's bullshit, man.

  2. Make a video. Make a song. Make Love.


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