Monday, December 12, 2011

We Were Going To Practice, But We Took Naps Instead

My neighbor in the 36º temps. Nipply.
Sunday afternoon, we got all the dudes in the band together. We were going to practice, but we took naps instead. It was a long week of being unemployed. You get so tired when you have nothing to do. But, we're going to make an attempt to practice some time before Christmas. We don't want to overdo it. Rust is becoming to us. Can't shake it all off.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dudes Release Follow Up To Club Love - Love Club

Love Club by Roger And The Imaginary Dudes.
Someone put the dancing shoes on Roger And The Imaginary Dudes and we just put together our first sequel, follow-up tune. Our first dance number in 30+ years was Club Love. After maybe 45 minutes in the studio and a couple hours of mixing after that we came up with Love Club. It gets us where we need to be in the pantheon of driving beats that cause people to sweat tequila and fruity drinks.

Love Club really had everything you could want in a repetitive club beat song. There are some cool bass lines that go with the repetitious beats, too. You can dance to this, or you can wax your floors really fast.

Monday, November 14, 2011

First Real Dance Number From Roger And The Imaginary Dudes

Club Love, first dance number from the Dudes.
Since we don't own a box, our music can move from genre to genre. We've been primarily in the rock lock and we've been pretty proud that you really can't dance to any of our previous music. But, in this day and age, you have to go where the money is and right now, club mixes are the rage. We'll spew a few of those until we get tired. Club Love is the first dance number from Roger And The Imaginary Dudes.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Roger And The Imaginary Dudes Wants Our Twitter Account Back

There ain't no phone support at Twitter. Total BS.
This is pure crap. We opened a Roger And the Imaginary Dudes Twitter account @imaginarydudes - the name was perfect because it had something to do with us... we were just getting started tweeting and we got out a whole 24 tweets and Twitter suspended the account. This is bullshit! Roger And The Imaginary Dudes want our Twitter account back.

After the first account got blown up, we made a secondary account @RogersDudes - and that only got out 9 tweets before it was blown up - suspended by Twitter.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jimmie Jive Interview Gets Some Feedback

Jimmie Jive.
Jimmie Jive, legendary guitarist for Roger And The Imaginary Dudes, sat down for an interview with Roger to chat about the past of the band. But not all was happy at the interview site. The Jimmie Jive interview gets some feedback, but it's not all good.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oscar Buzz Rejoins Roger And The Imaginary Dudes

Oscar Buzz is back. Mouth harp Legend.
For a couple decades, we had one of the best mouth harp dudes on the circuit. Then, he walked off one night in Memphis and we never saw him again. It's been five years. Well, Oscar Buzz has rejoined Roger And The Imaginary Dudes. You have no idea how important this is to our sound.

Oscar Buzz has taught many of the legends in the industry. But he's got so many skills.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Roger And The Imaginary Dudes Releases New Single

Sorry, Wrong Button, new from Roger and the Dudes.
After a grueling 38 hours in the studio, we finally banged out our latest set of sounds, Sorry, Wrong Button. Like many of our previous releases, this should go straight to vinyl or even 8-track. One of these days we'll get one on cassette. Lots of people were surprised when Roger And The Imaginary Dudes released a new single. No one knew we were working on anything. But the music industry is full of surprises.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

2nd Twitter Account Suspended After 13 Tweets

Twitter ain't right, dude. We gotta talk. 
Dude, this is getting repetitious. Twitter suspended a SECOND account, and, dude, we only made 13 tweets. Yes. A 2nd Twitter account was suspended after 13 tweets. Seriously. We made 13 tweets on our second account and Twitter suspended it. Dude? Don't get it.

But I think there is something to this. Seriously. And it ain't good.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twitter Suspends Account After 24 Tweets

Twitter, you suck!
Dude, I have no idea what happened there. Twitter suspended our account after 24 tweets. Like... wow! I was in complete shock. We have had this happen in the past, but we knew full well why it went down that way. Today, duh?

Roger was chatting with wild Brian Johnson. Some tweets shot back and forth. Roger shared a link with Brian and some other dude and then BAM! No more Twitter. And we had the name @ImaginaryDudes. It was too cool. But, we'll see if the suspension holds up.

New Music From Roger And The Imaginary Dudes

These three should go straight to vinyl.
We are so excited here in Vegas. Two days ago, our producer put the wraps on our latest releases. We have three songs that are sure to go straight to vinyl. But we're retro at heart, so we really don't care. We invite you to check out the new music from Roger And The Imaginary Dudes.

We have three songs, all instrumentals, that each have their own unique flavor.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

General Comments And Questions

Dude, looks like when Wally lost it at that party in '79.
Sometimes you have a question or a comment that doesn't really go with any one of our posts. Dude, this is the place to leave it. We can get back to you with a great answer, something that might even amaze us. So, fire away and leave your general questions and comments here.

Privacy Policy - November 2011

We don't talk. Never, dude.
Dude, if we could remember everything, we wouldn't tell anyone, anyway. Our lips are sealed.

Here is the legal stuff. Take your time reading it, you may hurt yourself if you go to fast.

The Truth About Roger And The Imaginary Dudes

The original name of the band was The Knights. LOL.
Everywhere I go, people are asking, "What's the deal with this band? Are you dudes for real?" Well, the music is real. We didn't steal it. We, or rather, I made the tunes on Garage Band, an Apple computer software for music creation and mixing. There is no band. That is the Truth about Roger And The Imaginary Dudes.

But, there is a cool ass story that goes with this. And you have to know the truth behind what is going on here, because it is bigger than all of us. Seriously, dude.

Welcome To Roger and The Imaginary Dudes

Las Vegas Nightlife Services hooked us up, dude.
We're a band. We make sounds. You can't dance to them. Just listen.

Las Vegas Nightlife Services hooked us up with this to go to 7-11 yesterday. Dude. It has a bathroom.

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