Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dudes Release Follow Up To Club Love - Love Club

Love Club by Roger And The Imaginary Dudes.
Someone put the dancing shoes on Roger And The Imaginary Dudes and we just put together our first sequel, follow-up tune. Our first dance number in 30+ years was Club Love. After maybe 45 minutes in the studio and a couple hours of mixing after that we came up with Love Club. It gets us where we need to be in the pantheon of driving beats that cause people to sweat tequila and fruity drinks.

Love Club really had everything you could want in a repetitive club beat song. There are some cool bass lines that go with the repetitious beats, too. You can dance to this, or you can wax your floors really fast.

Frankly, I find that it's good music for washing the car or competitive pizza eating. Love Club transcends the club and even works well when you have to fold laundry.

Everything in life will zip by much faster. If you're 35, you'll feel 40 by the end of this one. Guaranteed.

We may go in a completely different direction next time. What comes next is all in our imagination. For now, Roger And The Imaginary Dudes release follow-up to Club Love - Love Club. Time to dust.

Dude !!!!



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