Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jimmie Jive Interview Gets Some Feedback

Jimmie Jive.
Jimmie Jive, legendary guitarist for Roger And The Imaginary Dudes, sat down for an interview with Roger to chat about the past of the band. But not all was happy at the interview site. The Jimmie Jive interview gets some feedback, but it's not all good.

Part of the RogerBlazic.com ALL MY DONUTS film series, this interview takes you into the recording studio of Roger And The Imaginary Dudes. You get to see buttons, cords, CD's, wires, amplifiers, playback devices and more. This could have been on PBS if more than 7 people cared about the band.

Check out our slightly eccentric guitar player and our studio. Jimmie's Home/Studio is full of music memorabilia. You might want to take some time to watch the video a couple times to catch all the goodies.

We hope to let you meet more of the band members in the future. They're imaginary, so we have to find people who want to not be real people, but provide us with characters. There will be more Jammin' With Jimmie Jive in the future.

Dude !!!!


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