Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Truth About Roger And The Imaginary Dudes

The original name of the band was The Knights. LOL.
Everywhere I go, people are asking, "What's the deal with this band? Are you dudes for real?" Well, the music is real. We didn't steal it. We, or rather, I made the tunes on Garage Band, an Apple computer software for music creation and mixing. There is no band. That is the Truth about Roger And The Imaginary Dudes.

But, there is a cool ass story that goes with this. And you have to know the truth behind what is going on here, because it is bigger than all of us. Seriously, dude.

Roger And The Imaginary Dudes was created after the first three tunes were tracked. I (Roger) was having copyright issues with my YouTube videos and I decided to try to make my own music beds for the videos. So, I whipped out Garage Band and started figuring out how it worked. The first song was Funky Moroccan, followed by March Of The Babes. Several weeks later, Jeff's Song was produced and parts of it used in the ALL MY DONUTS video THE PROFESSOR - Donut Philosophy.

Don't ask what ALL MY DONUTS is, it's too complicated right now.

One day on Twitter, a guy starts tweeting me that I have to interview some rapper for my main blog, RogerBlazic.com. That blog has an audience that is generally white and over 30. I just could not see my audience caring about a rapper. But I checked out his music anyway. I hated it. Same thing I hate about most rap music, too filthy. Somebody always has to suck something or there's a motherf***** that is hangin' with the Nig*** and it's all the same.

Now, don't get me wrong. I really like Tupac Shakur's stuff - same filthy language, but he makes it all work. Akon is clean, and I really like his stuff. But this guy that the tweeter wanted me to listen to had a lousy voice and his beats sucked. But... there was more to the story.

Mr. Bad Rap was in a serious car accident and is now in a wheelchair. There, I thought, was a story angle. A guy gets crippled and he still goes on with his passion, music. I was interested in finding out if he was doing anything good with his disability, like working with others or inspiring others with the same plight.

In the process of researching the guy's music, I was turned on to the website ReverbNation. It's huge, used by bands globally to promote their music, tours, etc. They can sell their music through iTunes, create merchandise and sell that, too.

I was interested in seeing if I could upload my songs and maybe someday sell them on iTunes. Somebody would probably like one of them. Might be a way to come up with a few bucks.

Then, as my creative mind always does, the big light bulb went off. Why not create a band, an IMAGINARY band?

My initial motivation was to find a site where I could get a widget to play my songs on my main blog. But with all the cool band promotional tools on ReverbNation, I started to see a much larger picture.

That site has gadgets to do press releases, social media feeds, tour maps, tour schedules, press releases, everything a fledgling band could want. And I had a vision of how I could use all of those gadgets, I just needed a band. So, in the back conference room of Denny's on on Euclid Ave. at RT 91, Roger And The Imaginary Dudes was born.

To me this is a massively fun writing and social interactive game. If you follow this blog, you'll get to learn the sordid lives of the band that wouldn't give up.

Then, since I'm a WiFi kinda guy, I thought all of the tour dates would be held at Denny's around the country. I would encourage fans of the band to meet at Denny's, where they have 24/7 WiFi and bring their laptops, iPads, and smartphones. They could listen to RATID music and then take pictures of each other at the "gig" and email them back to me here; and they would be posted on the blog or on Flickr or I'll make a movie out of them.

I could have competitions between cities. See, there is an advantage to being an imaginary band, you can have concerts in more than one city on a given night. Which city will produce the largest turnout?

You'll have to stick with this site to find out.

Everyone I explain this to, that grasps the big picture, laughs their asses off. And that is the goal. HAVE FUN.

This post was written for the "early adopters" of Roger And The Imaginary Dudes. It will never be promoted and it will be tucked away as an FAQ in the post labels and on the top menu.

But in the meantime, we will keep the illusion going. Eventually, people will figure it out, but for those of you who were brave enough to click on something that you really had no idea what it was, you know the truth about Roger And The Imaginary Dudes - as far as I'm concerned, the greatest band of all time. LOL, LMAO and we're having fun now.


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