Friday, November 4, 2011

Roger And The Imaginary Dudes Releases New Single

Sorry, Wrong Button, new from Roger and the Dudes.
After a grueling 38 hours in the studio, we finally banged out our latest set of sounds, Sorry, Wrong Button. Like many of our previous releases, this should go straight to vinyl or even 8-track. One of these days we'll get one on cassette. Lots of people were surprised when Roger And The Imaginary Dudes released a new single. No one knew we were working on anything. But the music industry is full of surprises.

This tune is our first attempt at a social message since we tried to write a protest song about the 6-Day Israeli war in 1967. Warped Wally (bass) and I went to school together. When the war broke out, we felt compelled to write a song, but neither one of us knew how to play an instrument. That proved to be our downfall. So, we've though long and hard about a tune with a message since then.

Sorry, Wrong Button, points out some of societies ills and it tells us that we need to pay attention. These things are not accidents. They are bad, conscious choices. I think the dudes that like our stuff will really relate to this.

This song was difficult to produce because we brought back our old producer, "Tracks" McCafferty. We call him "Tracks" because he's been fighting intravenous vitamin addiction for 38 years. Plus, the dude is really old. He's like 85.

He still curses the day that stereo became the standard over mono, "Two channels, who the hell do they think we are in the sound booths? Most of this crap isn't worth putting on one channel, let alone two."

"Tracks" is also deaf in one ear, which makes this even more frustrating for him. We've got a kid with an iPod that helps he out with the left channel.

Who knows when we'll be inspired to come up with a new tune. But there could be something more socially relevant that we will be working on next. I have to watch more PBS documentaries for ideas, dude.

Hope you like the new single from Roger And The Imaginary Dudes - Sorry, Wrong Button.


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